Calls are important because more potential customers will end up buying the product. The second reason is businesses can sell more expensive products over the phone. For example, no one will buy a $20k product without the call.

But there are more psychological and practical reasons that make a call the perfect solution.

For example…

Easier To Decide

When potential customers land on your website, it is far easier to make a decision to leave their contact details rather than make a purchase decision.

And if they have to decide for too long, then they will just leave the website. The business owner will not make any sales and have no way of reaching that potential customer again.

Easier To Sell

Now that a business has phone numbers, it can contact its potential customers. Then it is easier to explain the benefits of a specific product. Because plain text on the web page is able to address a limited number of questions. And every unanswered question is a roadblock towards purchase.

On the call, however, potential customers can get answers to their specific questions.

Even if, after that call, they need to think more about it and sleep it over, that is fine. The potential customer is not lost.

A business can still reach all those customers again after they had some time to weigh the pros and cons of making a purchase. And maybe the next time they talk, the potential customer will end up buying.

So, in short, the ability to keep in touch is what sells more products and/or higher-priced products.

Ability To Sell More Expensive Products

The truth is, almost no one is going to cash out $20.000 on a product without at least talking to someone once. So for some expensive products, you can’t go around this.

Even if you are a large business and you intend to buy some software, you still want to see some demo or presentation. If nothing else, you want to explain your business to the software owners and confirm with them that it is a good fit for your business. Otherwise, you’d have to learn the hard way and potentially do refunds etc.

So it’s just way more practical to do (at least) one call before transferring a large chunk of money to someone else.

More Important Than The Call

Of course, the only way to schedule more calls is by getting more visitors to your business website. Because:

no visitors
no phone numbers
no sales & no money

So the only real problem any business has is getting more web traffic. And if you want to learn how to do that, just read this article on building massive organic revenue growth.