Premium writing is a new niche in the writing space that is perfect for developers who are tired of coding. It enables you to change your career and escape programming once and for all – and to do it in a way that:

  1. Doesn’t completely remove your earning power 💸
  2. Doesn’t require you to quit ❌
  3. Uses existing development knowledge 🧠
  4. Doesn’t involve code in any way 🧑‍💻
  5. You can do it from anywhere 🌴
  6. Future-proof and AI-resistant 🤖
  7. Has a business potential (scalable) 📈

And the best part is you can start earning from this new career in 30 days or less.

1) Doesn’t completely remove your earning power

You are changing your entire career, so a temporary reduction is expected. But let’s say you can get 50% of your current salary from day one. And then, within a year, you’re back at 100%. In the great scheme of things, this will look like a minor career hiccup.

Specifically, the lowest I got paid at the very beginning was $300 for 2 pages of text. 💰 Plus, I didn’t even have anyone’s guidance (like you’re getting right now).

Why do I mention the lowest amount I got paid?

Because I find it dishonest when I see results posted online showcasing the best-case scenario. If you’re trying to switch your career, you want to consider the worst-case scenario. And if you’re ok with the lowest result – then you know you’ll be fine.

2) Doesn’t require you to quit

You can switch to a premium writing career before you quit your current job. This wasn’t what I did because I let myself completely burn out 🔥, so I had to quit.

You are lucky because you can follow a tried-and-tested script 📜 that can give you both results and peace of mind. And then leaving the coding world for good will be a no-brainer.

Plus, if you follow the script, within 30 days, you will get your first results. If not, you get your money back. 💸 And if you do, you can finally quit your job and remove this burden that is pressing on your shoulders and your soul.

3) Uses existing development knowledge

The only way to prevent yourself from starting from scratch is by leveraging the knowledge you already have. Otherwise, there would be no way to start your new career with 50% of your earning capacity from day one.

Premium Writer Program describes in detail what parts of your knowledge are highly valuable and can generate a new source of income for you. 💰

And it’s valuable because average writers cannot compete with you when it comes to the in‑depth IT knowledge you acquired by simply existing as a software developer. 🧑‍💻

4) Doesn’t involve code in any way

Before you think this will involve code review, analyzing code, or looking at code at any point – think again – because it will not.

You will use everything else you know about the software development industry, but you will never have to touch code again.

5) You can do it from anywhere & no video b.s.

We’re not talking just about remote work but location-independent work. This is not just working from home, but then you have to have a recording studio at home to make YouTube videos and some other b.s. 🎥❌


Just a pure text you can do in Google Docs from your laptop anywhere in the world – coffee shops, parks, lying on the beach, or home on your couch. 📜

6) Future-proof and AI-resistant

Lately, there have been some very interesting developments in AI. Was I worried? No. Did it impact my premium writing work? Not in the slightest.

Simply because all these AI tools cannot and never will (in this form) be able to write premium content. Plus, I worked in the AI/ML field and saw the true extent of the hype.

But for the naysayers – let me put it more precisely – the day AI learns to do premium writing is the day your career will be the LAST thing on your mind.

7) Has a business potential (scalable)

Yes – getting paid within 30 days is great – but limiting your potential from the start is bad.

You may not have business aspirations, and that is perfectly fine. But entering into a career without any possibility of leverage is not very smart.

Personally, I’d consider that a serious downgrade from the leverage software development provided.

And that is why I chose premium writing in the first place – because I don’t like limitations.

How did I get into premium writing?

Long story short – after nearly a decade-long career working in big and small companies, agencies, and startups – I was completely and utterly burned‑out. 🔥

Who would have thought working an insane number of hours is unsustainable, right? 🤦

It got to a point where just opening a code editor on my computer made my stomach turn.

Yes – it was (and still is) that bad.

And I had to find a better way…

So after I decided to quit my career (because I physically could not code anymore) – it took me over 6 months to learn how premium writing works. 📅

I never knew this niche even existed.

In fact, it is so unknown that if you type “premium writing” into your favorite search engine – you will find nothing. 🔍 (except for this website maybe)

The only other thing that had similar earning potential was copywriting. ✏️📜

However, I don’t like sales. Plus, I couldn’t use my development knowledge there so I’d be starting from scratch. And this was a deal breaker for me.

How can you get into premium writing?

Hopefully, in a lot smarter way than I did.

First, you can do it without quitting your job. This will result in much lower pressure and better overall experience with the transition.

Second, you can follow a 30-day challenge within the Premium Writing Program where you’re guaranteed to generate your first income in your new career. Otherwise you get your money back.

The entire program is (of course) in written format. Besides, we are talking about a writing-only career so it would be disingenuous for me to create a video program, wouldn’t it?

What’s inside Premium Writing Program?

This step-by-step 30-day program consists of five most important parts:

1) Premium writing explained in detail

Here we go in detail explaining this entire market: how I found it, what are different options and opportunities.

In general, we’re going to explore what is the best fit for your specific case and your specific knowledge and experience.

2) How to get paid for premium content

This is the most important part of a career switch – getting income from your new career before you completely dump your current one.

Also, since my profit is on the line here with the money back guarantee – I made sure this chapter is crystal clear (and beyond).

Your success is my success.

3) How to write premium content

Now that you know how to get paid it’s time you deliver good quality work. This will ensure you get paid higher and higher for the writing you produce.

No stone will be left unturned and you will get the EXACT instructions on how to write content that will be the building block of your new career.

4) How to make your content future-proof and AI-resistant

Premium writing is the last career switch you will have to do in your life. And no AI or bot will ever be able to replace you. 🤖

Unless we end up in a scenario where AI reaches consciousness, your career is safe. But if it does – then you’ll probably be lucky if your main concern is your career instead of terminator-style apocalypse. 🤖💥

5) Executable step-by-step 30-day challenge

This is the most exciting part. 30 days from now your life can take a completely new turn with less stress (and less code).

It took me exactly 2 months after I learned how premium writing works to get my first money.

And I didn’t even have all the info you are getting now.

So a 30-day challenge is very realistic.

This means 30 days from now you will get your first money in your new career. And I will provide you with the exact tried-and-tested step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do.

You simply cannot fail.

And I’m backing this up with my own 30-day money back guarantee if your new career hasn’t officially started 30 days from now. (by “officially” I mean you got the money on your bank account)

Get Access

Last part is payment. The price is not cheap, but not expensive either. For $347 you get to change your entire life and career.

Not to mention in only 30 days.

It is basically the price of a single 2-page text you’re soon going to write in your new career.