I'm Building an Algo-Trading Hedge Fund From Scratch

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No outside (or inside) investors!

Developers fully control the fund. And this means no outside influences.

You cannot buy your way into the fund, you can only earn it.

People who build it are the decision makers.

This is a fully-independent, self-directed, algo-trading hedge fund.

But where does the initial capital come from?

💰 It comes from software sales. 💰

For starters, from Algo-Bot Template sales but may include additional software in the future.

I’m NOT selling trading bots!!! 🤖
And no bot you can buy will ever work.
It is mathematically impossible and cognitively insane.

==> Realize this: no one can give you (or sell you) an edge. You must find it on your own. Otherwise, you’re completely unnecessary.

The algo-bot template can only help you get there (much) faster, but it cannot do the work for you!

Why don’t I just build it alone in silence?

As smart as I think I am, finance is the most competitive industry in the world.


And this is why people who manage to “crack the code” have endless financial rewards.

But, to win at this game, I’m humble enough to admit I need more people on board. 🤝

Human capital > $ capital

Even though I could build everything by myself, there is simply not enough hours in a day. ⏱️

And although I have plenty of technical, financial, and investment skills, there’s just too much things to do for one person.

I need people more than I need capital.

How to get people?

Fastest and easiest way (although there’s nothing easy about this) is to build people 🏗️ from scratch.

So my plan is to:


This (FREE) AI For Finance Course will provide you with a solid understanding of neural networks.
(so we’re on the same page)


Using the best programming language for finance which is:

  • easy to learn
  • easy to read and write
  • almost as fast as C/C++
  • simple as Python
  • stood the test of time (25 y.o.)
  • and so powerful you don’t even need external libraries


Finding a winning strategy is similar to Bitcoin mining: you have to test different combinations until you find the one that works.

This is why I built this algo-bot template from scratch, that allows me to test strategy ideas (extremely) quickly.

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to test 5% of ideas I already did. So together with this template I’m already doing the work of 20 people.


Everyone who uses the algo-bot template will also get a lifetime access to advanced Discord group.

And from there I’ll be able to see how you progress and potentially ask you to join me (if you’re good).

If not… using the knowledge from this site, coding language, the Badger bot template, and Discord community… you are still going to be vastly ahead of most amateur algo-traders.

Start Learning

🤞 (and good luck) 🤞