The most important thing for a business beginner is to get potential customers to your website. You don’t need business ideas. You don’t need the product. If you can’t get the customer, everything else is pointless.

As a business owner you don’t need business ideas. In fact, if you have them, you’ve already half-way failed.

Instead just look at what your potential customers are searching for and then use SEO to give them what they want. There are many different keyword tools you can use. Here is ahrefs which is free to test out.

Product Idea

Ok now that you see what your customers are searching for, just find something you can offer to them. Either a product or service.

But, whatever it is, don’t start building it because that is a waste of time.

Just think about it… if you had the product finished, done, this very second… how many products would you be able to sell?


Because no one knows about you and no one is coming to your website. And even a thousand finished products will not change that fact.

So focus on making your first step all about web traffic generation. Which is usually the last step for all business beginners.

Driving Traffic To Your Business

Since you already know what your potential customers are searching for, it is time to provide content for them to get them on your website.

There are many different methods to generate organic web traffic but the best one for business beginners is the blog.

Social media is not that good because it feels like having another full-time job and you don’t have that much time since you have actual business to run.

Besides, your old posts become quickly obsolete, so you can never stop posting new content.

Blog on the other hand increases in value with age. Older blog posts get more and more traffic. You can post whenever you want and it will not negatively impact your traffic source.

Besides you don’t have to spend extreme lengths of time on video editing and other media preparations. You can write from your phone and carefully craft your sentences. No need to take second, third, and fifth tries for the camera.

So overall, a blog is most aligned with the goals of business beginner.

How To Choose Keywords?

When people first think of a blog, they assume the content can be about everything they want. But that’s not true. You need to use the keywords your potential customers are using.

However, not all keywords are created equal.

Hard (Popular) Keywords

If you use the keywords everyone else is using, you’re going to fail. Those are the most competitive keywords in existence.

Just as you don’t think you can just wake up one day and win the Olympics, there is no reason for you to think your content can rank for the most competitive keywords in the world.

So these are not even an option.

Easy Keywords

These can definitely get you loads of traffic but the real issue is in finding them.

One way is to use the keyword tools. They will definitely show you “low” competition keywords. But it is impossible for them to work correctly, and let me tell you why.

Even if those keyword tools are 100% accurate at identifying easy keywords, the problem is everybody who uses that tools can see them. And their only reason to use these keyword tools is to find easy keywords.


Now that all these people found easy keywords, they all try to rank their content for those keywords.

As you can imagine, once everybody flocks into those keywords, they stop being so easy.

And that is why I never rely on these tools for keyword ideas.

Secret Keywords

Instead, I focus on keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. Even though some of them can cost up to $400 per month.

And with those keywords, positioning your content on search results is very easy.

In fact, if you’re reading this article, then this strategy is definitely working. Because you probably found it on search results page.

And if you want your potential customers find your website on search results, then better start using secret keywords. You can find them in this SEO book.