Yes, every startup company can start as a blog. In fact, it should start as a blog because the biggest threat to startup survival is not having enough potential customers on its website. And blog solves this problem perfectly.

Startup companies are too quick to jump on product creation before they even know if anyone is going to want their product. And a lot of time is wasted.

Most startups think they’re going to hack their initial product in 1 month and in 6 months they’ll be millionaires. Instead, 6 months later they’re still fixing bugs because product doesn’t work well and (most importantly) no one knows they even exist.

And then they fail…

Blog Your Way Into A Startup

With blogging you can build a constant source of traffic in 6 months. And then you can test as many products as you want for free.

Overall starting a blog for your startup is better because:

  • You have free web traffic and you can test new product ideas indefinitely
  • Through writing a blog you get to know what your potential customers want
  • Compared to development, blog content is cheap
  • If you make a mistake, your content stays and brings more and more visitors
  • While the mistakes in the code need to be scrapped

There are so many benefits to blogging it’s strange why not every startup begins with a blog. Because that would really speed up their growth.

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