Blogging about surfing can make you money, but only if implemented correctly. This means you cannot write about whatever comes to your mind. Instead, you need to use specific keywords to make this work.

Blogging is not social media where you can just publish whatever you want and hope for the best.


This is also the best part about blogging: no hope is required. If you know in advance which content will perform well on search results then you don’t have to depend on chance.

The biggest mistake is people write about 10 (random) articles, nothing happens, they quit, and they proclaim that blogging isn’t working.

With that approach, I can also confirm it’s not working.

But if you do it intelligently, it can (and will) work.

Better Approach

For starters, before you proclaim success or failure, make sure you write at least 50 articles. And if you’re writing about the topic you know something about this should not be a problem.

Even if you write a single article every 3 days, you’ll crank out these first 50 in 5 months’ time.

Of course, no one these days has the patience to wait 5 months for results which makes blogging even better. Because the competition is so low.

What Surfers Want?

Surfers probably want:

  • information about surfing
  • Surfing equipment
  • Vacation packages
  • Etc.

All of these things can make you money as a blogger simply by referring them in your content to websites that offer these things. And every time they make a purchase, the sellers pay you certain percentage in commissions.

So your only job is to get more blog visitors.

To learn more about how to set up your blogging side hustle, check out this article on starting a side hustle from your phone.