Blogging is an ultimate business-building machine as it requires very little startup costs, doesn’t require you to have any products to sell, and it’s very flexible about your writing schedule. Best of all, it works 24/7 for you.

Out of all businesses out there (especially the ones that use social media), blogging is very beginner friendly in terms of time commitment.

You can even do blogging from your phone whenever you have the free time (while commuting, from your home, etc.). You can probably write a decent article in 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

And if you’re consistent, very quickly you will see that the amount of content is starting to build up and you’re getting more and more readers.

More readers also means more potential customers. Even though you don’t have any products yourself, many blogs earn just from promoting other people’s products and they get some commission percentage in return.

But those are all the details I already described in this article about starting your own side hustle from your phone, describing exactly what you need to do.