Many people say it’s failure but it’s not. The hardest thing in starting a business is sticking to one thing for long enough without switching to something else. And it’s the hardest because everyone who reads this will ignore it.

Even though starting a business became easier than ever before. You can literally start your side hustle from your phone today.


The easiness to start something new also enables you to switch effortlessly between different projects you’re working on. And this leads only to a complete and utter failure.

DISCLAIMER: for many years I was switching all around from project to project. Only after sticking to one thing did I manage to get any results. So I know how tempting the switching really is.

Hearing But Not Actually Hearing

I literally heard this message about not switching my focus a million times. And I never considered it seriously.

And I see I was not alone because this is definitely the biggest problem every person wanting to start a business faces.

It is not the market that bankrupts you. Your competition doesn’t defeat you. Your biggest danger is not sticking to your project long enough before it starts giving you results.

Once the results start to come, it’s easy to be motivated. But only the part before the results is the one that really counts.

How Does This Look In Practice?

I am not saying that you do the same thing over and over regardless of the market feedback and expect success.


I am saying that you try to figure out the solutions within your project. And avoid some other project being the solution.

If something doesn’t work, find a different way (not a way out).

Did You Get It?

This truly is the hardest lesson to learn about starting a new business. And I realize this article alone will not change your mind.


I also realize there is a finite number of times you need to hear this lesson before you internalize it.

So my only hope is that this is that time when you finally have an aha-moment.

Wish you all the best.

And if you don’t know what to do as your next business you can always try blogging from your phone.