The easiest way to create an income source without having a strict schedule but still retaining a decent amount of autonomy is freelancing.

And one of the things you can do as a freelancer is premium writing.


Another alternative is building a business (which is easier said than done). You see, business is simple but hard. There are 3 components every successful business needs:

  • Traffic (people need a way to find your website)
  • Offer (a good well-described reason why someone should buy – also known as sales text)
  • Product (something that fixes customer’s problems and delivers results)

Here is how you can solve each of these…

How to get traffic?

Out of all 3 components, most businesses fail at this one. Because nobody knows they exist.

Conversely, if a million people landed on a badly designed website and poorly crafted offer, it would be hard to completely fail. The sheer amount of people guarantees someone will like what you have and some sales will be made.

Personally, I find no better way of generating website traffic than blogging.

Besides, this is a blog, you’re here, and you’re reading it. So it definitely works.

How to craft a good offer?

Despite popular belief, you don’t need fancy writing skills or copywriting. Now, don’t get me wrong, those things help, but 80% of the results will come from something completely different…

…knowing your customer.

Especially because everyone will overlook this part.


Because people wrongly think “everyone is their customer”. In their desperate need to sell to everybody, they end up not selling to anybody.


Imagine trying to find and play all radio stations at once. If you’re trying to match all frequencies, you end up not matching any frequency.

But if you decide to find one radio station, you’ll actually be able to hear something other than static noise – some real music.

The same is with your sales message.

It needs to be crafted for specific target customers in order to resonate with them.

Get it? Resonate? Resonant frequency? Radio station?

You need to tune into the radio frequency of your customer.

If you don’t, they will not be able to hear your message because they aren’t tuned into the radio station of your sales message.

Hope this explains it.

How to make a good product?

Selling a bad product is worse than not selling anything at all.

If you don’t sell, at least no one knows about you.

But if you sold a lot and your product is bad – you just destroyed your reputation.

So make sure your product is good.


At least make sure it works.

For example, I also sell some products on this website. Among them is this SEO book with secret keywords.

If the strategies I described in that book did not work:

  • You would not be here
  • You wouldn’t be reading this

So whatever you do, never get yourself in a situation where your brand is synonymous with low-quality and terrible products.

Remember, you only have one reputation and one chance to destroy it.

So act accordingly!

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