The only way you can become an entrepreneur if you have no money is by getting good at generating traffic to your website. Because without web traffic, there are no sales, which means no business, and ultimately no entrepreneur.

So as an entrepreneur you really have only one job, and that is to bring people to your business. You don’t even have to have any product. And you can always sell someone else’s products. Or refer people to other websites and earn your commission that way.

But without anyone looking at what you offer you have no business because you can make no money.

Best Traffic Source

Traffic source that is best for small to medium businesses is blog. People talk about social media but managing it can feel like having a full time job. And as an entrepreneur you need that extra time to work on your business.

Also, there are different business cycles your company is going through and sometimes you simply have no time to sleep, let alone hang out on social media the entire day.

Blog is much more forgiving as you can publish your content when you have more available time, and completely ignore it when you’re in a rush. The older the content it is, the better it ranks. And even the content you created a year ago can still bring you potential customers.

Social media posts from a year ago are almost all forgotten.

So a blog is much better long term solution that increases its value through time.

How To Get Web Traffic?

Writing blog post mindlessly about anything that comes to mind will not work.

Trying to position your content on search results for the popular keywords will also not bring any traffic. Because everyone is competing for them and winning is nearly impossible.

You can use the professional keyword tools that will show you less competitive keywords. But other people also use them and also try to compete for those “less competitive” keywords. And in the process they increase their competitiveness so it’s not easy to get the traffic with them either.

Not to mention some of these keyword tools cost up to $400 per month.

Secret Keywords

A much better approach is to use keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. Since these keywords have very little competition, positioning on search results pages is fairly easy.

In the end, that is how you found this article, which means this method works very well.

If you want to learn more about these keywords, then check out this SEO book.