The only way to generate passive income with no initial funds is to build a business system, for example, a blog. If you can bring visitors to your blog, you can create an income. And once written, blog is pretty easy to maintain.

And after the initial building phase, you don’t have a lot to work on. Even better, after it starts producing you income, you can use part of those funds to outsource content and grow it on autopilot.

What To Sell?

Many people get scared at this point saying they don’t have a product. But the good news is that you don’t need one. And in most cases it’s impossible to have one.

Let’s say you have a website that talks about computers. I assume you don’t have and you’ll never have your own computer factory.

But how do you generate income then?

Simple referral commissions.

If you reviewed some computers and people liked one of them you will have a special (referral) link on your website. This link was given to you by computer manufacturer or reseller. And it is unique so the manufacturer knows which people visited and bought a computer using your link.

After they buy, you get percentage of the purchase amount.

So everybody wins:

  • customers found what they were looking for
  • manufacturer just sold additional product with no extra effort
  • you got paid for your useful information and recommendation

How To Get Traffic?

Blog is simple but you need to know some key things. And most important one is that you cannot just write random stuff and expect money to fall from the sky.

You need to write about the exact things people are searching for. This means you need to use the exact keywords people are using when searching for a specific thing.

But the problem people usually have is they write their blog posts around the same keywords everybody else is writing about. This means competition is super strong and the chances of your blog showing up in search results is none.

So what do you do?

Because if you don’t use the keywords, you will not show up on search results. But if you use popular keywords then again you won’t show up on search results because of numerous competitors.

How to get your blog on search results?

Secret Keywords

There is a middle ground between those two extremes and it’s using the keywords which are very rarely used.

In fact, my favorite keywords are the ones that almost no one knows how to find. Even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

And with these keywords it is very easy to rank your blog posts on search results pages. In fact, this is how you found this website.

So my method definitely works.

If you want to be able to find these secret keywords as well then check out this SEO book.