The cleaning business is one of the rare businesses that aren’t very competitive online. This means you could get loads of clients using a blog. Even better, you could (relatively) easily scale this business to a national level.

Most cleaning businesses are focused on just getting barely enough clients to survive without any scaling intention. It’s looked at more as a job rather than a real business.

So if anyone wanted to make this an actual business, the competition would be much easier. And if you want to be able to get more clients than you know what to do with them, blogging might be the way.

Why Is Blogging Better In Getting Clients Than Alternatives?

You could cold call people, distribute flyers, pay for ads, or use other similar methods. The problem with all of these methods is they’re all short-lived. They are interrupting people and pushing products in their face when they don’t really need them.

Compare that with offering solution to people who are actively looking for them.

Let’s say a person has a nasty stain they want to clean, and then they find your blog post explaining how to clean it. Then you have several scenarios:

  • They could hire you to clean this stain
  • Or they could not hire you but find out your business exists nearby
  • You just solved them a problem so they trust you and like you
  • Next time they need some cleaning to do, you are the first business they think of

So overall, blogging puts you in a position of authority and credibility. And these are the basic pillars upon which all business is founded upon.

Most Cleaning Businesses Don’t Have A Blog

Like I said, they’re focused on being small and they just try to get by with the minimum amount of clients.

Besides, they cannot even have a lot of clients because their outreach methods are extremely time intensive. So they’re always balancing between doing the work they already have scheduled and getting new clients.

That is why having a blog allows you do the outreach (write content) once, and your blog keeps working forever.

What Can Blog Do For You?

Your blog can be a constant source of new clients that you don’t have to spend additional time on.

If you write useful content that helps your potential customers, then you will be placed on search results pages. So when people search for a solution to their problems they can find you.

And this will work day and night, without any additional effort from your side.

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