The best way to get clients for photography is through a blog. And the worst is Instagram. Why? Because that’s where the biggest competition is. And very few photographers consider a blog which can give you an advantage.

Do you want to stand out?

Then don’t drown yourself in the sea of other images with thousands of other photographers on social media.

Besides, social media requires your attention all of the time. And if you’re a photographer then I assume you want to spend most of your time doing what you love (photography). If you wanted to be a social media manager then you’d probably already do that instead.

Why Is Blogging Better For Photography?

You could argue that blogging also takes time. And it’s true.


You only need to write it once and it keeps bringing you traffic forever. Also, every article you ever published gets you more visitors over time.

Contrast that with social media where your content quickly gets buried under the new content (never to be seen again). Because social media likes things that are fresh and new. So you can often feel like maintaining your profile it’s a full time job.

How Blogging Leads To Clients?

Let’s say you write a good piece of content that your potential clients are interested in. Then this content is like a seed that is going to grow into a big tree.

And if you were to cover 100 different topics over the next 2 years (which is like 1 per week), you would never again (in your life) struggle with getting new clients. In fact, you would have more than you would know what to do with.

And the best part?

After you’re done writing these, you don’t have to write another post ever again (if you don’t want to).

Try doing that with social media. The moment you stop posting, your visitors start to dwindle. And that is why blogging is much more compatible with small businesses and freelancers (i.e. it’s perfect for photographers).

What To Write About?

You can write about the things you already know about which is very easy because you’re already familiar with photography.

In the example above, I told you to aim at writing 1 article per week. For comparison, I write 2-5 articles per day (not a typo) on this blog. But I do this full time which might not be the case for you.

Of course, how to find the exact topics that bring the most visitors to your blog is beyond the scope of this article.


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