The simplest and easiest way to grow a small business into a large business is by getting more visitors to your website. And with more potential customers on your sales page, your revenue and your business will grow.

It is practically inevitable.

And one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to your website is through your blog.


Your blog will drive traffic by positioning your website on search results pages. So when people are searching for something, they can find your site. Sometimes they might even buy.

Biggest problem people usually have with the blog is that it’s too hard to position/rank the blog on search reslult.

And they are correct (but only if you do it the wrong way like they do).

What they usually do is trying to compete for the same keywords like everybody else. And then they act surprised how they haven’t won the biggest competition in the world.

It makes no sense.

Correct Approach

Instead, they should approach this strategically and use a little less obvious (and sometimes longer) keywords. Since these are not so competitive it’s much easier to get website traffic to your blog.

But even better, the way I do it, is to focus on finding the keywords almost no one else is using. They are so hard to find that even professional keyword tools which cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

And when you have these keywords then showing up on search results is extremely easy.

In the end, if you’re reading this, it means my strategy is working. Because you probably found this blog post through search results pages.

So if you want to be able to find the same keywords that almost no one is using, and rank your website on search results with ease, that will allow you to get more potential customers and grow your business… then check out this SEO book.