The only way to scale a small business is by bringing more customers to your website. And the most cost-effective way to generate more web traffic is the blog. Especially when you have access to the easiest keywords.

Because blog has a big advantage for your business because it doesn’t give instant feedback. And if it did, it would be so saturated that you couldn’t do anything with it.

It requires a couple of months of patience, and this is your opportunity to outrun your competitors. Because in today’s world of instant gratification, no one has the time to wait. But if you do, you’ll definitely be a winner.

Cost Of Blogging

Compared to alternatives, blog has the highest return both on your time and money. Especially if you take into account the whole lifespan of any given article you publish.

Unlike ads where you pay once for a visitor and that’s it. With blog, you pay for the content which can bring you new customers for years to come.

So an investment in your blog is truly the cheapest and highest returning investment you can find today.

Why Web Traffic?

Getting more web traffic is the best way to scale any business. Because you don’t need to change anything about your business to make this possible.

Also, you don’t need better sales team or better sales pages or anything. Just by scaling the number of visitors to your site, you scale the number of your customers. And hence you scale your income as well.

What Kind Of Content?

Whether you write the content yourself or you outsource it to someone else, you need to know what to write about (because no one knows your business better than you do).

You need to write about the things your potential customers are interested in reading. And not just approximately, but exactly. This means you need to use the keywords your customers are using.

Popular Keywords

If you use keyword tools they will quickly tell you which keywords are popular. But if you use those, you must be aware that everyone else is using them as well.

This means a lot of content is competing to reach the first page of search results. This means you will never get there and you will get no traffic to your business website.

And then you’ll be tempted to say blogging doesn’t work. If you are here on this website, I can confirm that blogging works very well. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

But I agree, if I used these popular keywords, no one would come to my website either.

So you must use something less obvious keywords.

Less Known Keywords

If you use these keywords, you actually have a very good chance of getting your content in front of your readers.

But the trick is in finding them.

The most popular way people look for them is by using the keyword tools. And even though the keyword tools are quite good, they all have one FATAL flaw: their users.

Because their users are all looking for the same thing: easy keywords.

And when those tools show which keywords are “easy” to rank on search results, everybody rushes into them.

Now suddenly bunch of people are writing a huge pile of content for those “easy” keywords. And they are all competing for these same keywords.

So now all these easy keywords are no longer easy because everybody knows about them.

Secret Keywords

There are however, some keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find (and some of them cost up to $400 per month).

So when you find such keywords you can be certain your content will rank on search results. Just as I am certain my content will rank as well.

In the end, you wouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t found this site on search results.

So… if you want to know more about how to find these secret keywords, then check out this SEO book.