In a free market, oil and gas should be great career choice. But because they are forcibly being regulated into downsizing and bankruptcy for political reasons, I would not recommend it as a career path.

And if you decide to take this career path, at least choose some area that has transferable skills. Something like software or sales.

Because if at any point you become one of the thousands that are fired due to downsizing caused by regulation – then at least you can take majority of your knowledge with you.

But even better scenario is when you plan ahead and you actually choose a career where you don’t have to constantly expect to be fired.

A career where you’re always in demand regardless of the economy or regulations.

Historically, this career was sales but now there’s something even better.

Sales was always good because no matter what, every company always wants more customers and more money. There is never a time when the company decides to make less money.


For some reason, however, people avoid sales. But, no worries, let me show you something even better.

It is called…

Website Traffic

If you can generate more traffic to a website so that more people see it, you will never be out of options.

Because, the more people see some offer, the more will buy, and the more will company make money.

And one of the easiest and hardest ways to do it is to position websites on search results (SEO).

It is the hardest because when people try to position websites, they are all competing for the same keywords.

It is the easiest because there are so many keywords that can bring visitors to a website but there is almost no competition.

The problem is, of course, how to find such keywords(?)

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