Precious metals offer a wide range of jobs. If you’re working on production (digging dirt or engraving jewelry) you won’t make much. Plus, entire mines can be shut down in case of major price pullback and you’re out of job. But…

…if you’re involved in sales or marketing part of this business, your income is secured. And in today’s world, thanks to the internet, there are even better jobs than simple sales.

Best Jobs In Precious Metals

These type of jobs are not just good in precious metals industry but also across the board. And they are most reliable sources of high income. Two of the best long-term options are copywriting and website traffic generation.

Copywriting is just selling through text. For example, content that is written on website’s sales page. The best part is you write it just once and it continues to work practically forever.

Web traffic generation is even better than sales in general, because if you can get a lot of visitors to your website you will definitely sell something.

Even with not-so-great sales and copywriting – if you bring millions of visitors to a website, there will be a lot of purchases and a lot of profit for the company.

This means the company will gladly pay you a lot of money for your services. And they will not care about the state of the economy because they will always want to make more money.

And this is why these jobs are highly-paid and why they are always in demand.

How to learn web traffic generation?

There are many ways to bring traffic and visitors to a website. But regardless of the method, the important thing is that people who are (or might be) interested in a product or service come to the website. And then inevitably with enough people seeing the product, some of them will buy.

My favorite way of generating web traffic is positioning websites on search results (SEO). This is probably how you came to this page as well, so it definitely works.

Many people dislike it and I would probably be among them if I did all the same mistakes they do. For example, one of the mistakes is they are all competing for the same keywords. And then they wonder why is’t hard to get results.

My approach is totally different – I do not need to compete at all. I focus all of my energy on finding secret SEO keywords that almost no one else uses. And then positioning on searh results becomes easy.

In fact, the words I’m using are so difficult to find that even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them. This means I have almost no competition.

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