Aside from insurance having the most perfect business model, this career offers you to be very close to sales. Because the closer you are to money (in any career), the more you earn and the higher demand for your services.

Why is insurance the perfect business model?

  • Insurer gets paid in advance which makes it great cash-flowing business.
  • There is no inventory.
  • Profit margins are quite high.

On top of that, any person who sells insurance usually has commission-based salary. This means there is no ceiling to your earning potential.

It Gets Even Better

When people think about sales they usually associate it with calling over the phone or knocking at people’s doors. However, because of the technology there are even better ways this can be done.

Copywriting is a written form of sales that is usually applied on websites. So there is no need to only do phone sales when much more people can see your website than you can do phone calls. On top of that, website works even while you sleep.

Web traffic generation is even better than sales and copywriting. Because even with bad sales, if you bring millions of visitors to your website, you will be able to sell a lot of products.

So having this skill is literal superpower in today’s economy.

How to learn web traffic generation?

There are several ways you can drive traffic to your (or your company’s) website. My favorite way of doing it is by positioning websites on search results (SEO).

However, many people dislike it because it’s very hard to do… or so they think.

I can’t really blame them because the way they do SEO – it really is almost impossible to get results.

Their problem is that everyone competes for the same keywords which makes is extremely hard to win and position websites high in the search result ranking.

Obviously, I do not do that.

Instead I compete for keywords others can’t even find. Even the professional keyword tools cannot find them. Which makes my job very easy.

If you’re reading this article, then my approach definitely works.

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