The absolute best side hustle is blogging. There are plenty of ideas on what to write. It doesn’t require any equipment. It can even be done on a bus or a train. Since you’re already proficient at messaging, this should be easy.

NOTE: blogging is not a business, it’s a distribution channel.

Your business can literally be anything, and blogging can support any business idea. Which is why having a blog is so powerful.

General side hustle business steps go like this:

And the rest is history…

Find What People Want

This is not about having good ideas. In fact, if you rely on having ideas, I can almost guarantee you will fail.

You don’t need ideas – you need data.

Specifically, search data. Because people are telling search engines what they want every single day. So just read what they want and give it to them.

There are plenty keyword tools. One that is ok quality and has a free version is ahrefs.

From there you can enter any niche, business, product, or keyword to see what people are typing in. And it will give you up to 100 similar searches.

This will give you a good idea of what people are interested in. And based on that data, see what you can offer to them.

Create Or Find Product

Once you see what people are searching for, compare that with what you can offer to them.

If they are looking for guitar lessons, see if you can create a guitar course. If they want some blueprints for model airplanes, maybe you can create a pdf document.

Whatever it is, you will explore topics and keywords that are most likely have what you can offer. For example, if you’re a musician, you shouldn’t explore topics related to quantum physics etc.

In Case You Don’t Have A Product

Since blogging is just a promotion channel, your product can be anything. If you don’t have a product, you can sell someone else’s. And this is quite popular and profitable.

This is called affiliate marketing. Basically, you get paid by the product owner every time you refer a visitor to their website (and that visitor buys something from them).

To know which customer you referred they will give you a special link which you will put on your website. But these are technical details and beyond the scope of this article.

Get People In Front Of The Product

Now your blog comes into play. If you write about the topics people are searching for, then the search engines are going to show your website on search results.

Once the people click and come to your website, they can learn more about the topic they’re interested in, and some of them might even buy. And you will earn some money.

The more visitors you get to your page, the more income will your blog generate. It’s a very simple math.


You need to take care of one thing if you want to be successful…

What To Write About?

Even though you found some broad topic people are interested in, you can’t just start writing whatever you want.

You need to write about very specific subjects. And for that you need to use keywords. But not every keyword will give you the same results.

So pay attention…

Common Keywords

Usually, when people start blogging, they write about most popular keywords they can think of (or find).

The problem is, (literally) everyone already had this idea. And there is so much content competing for this single keyword, that your chances of winning are almost an absolute zero.

So you can’t use these keywords, because your blog is fairly new and there are much bigger and stronger blogs out there. So you need to find easier keywords.

Uncommon Keywords

With these keywords, you have a fairly high chance of ranking your content and getting visitors to your website.

However, the problem is how do you find them.

Vast majority of the people turn towards professional keyword tools. Some of which can cost up to $400 per month.

Even of those tools worked perfectly, they have a fatal flaw.

If you think about it, even if those tools accurately showed easy keywords, there are loads of other people who are using those tools. And they are all using them to find low competition keywords.

So when a keyword tool identifies an easy keyword, all the people who are using this tool start to compete for this keyword.

And in the process, this keyword now immediately becomes not very easy to rank for.

It’s like a cash register in the store. Once everybody hears there are few customers on that register, everybody rushes to go there. But in the process, it immediately fills up with other shoppers and now you have a long line again.

So how to solve this problem?

Secret Keywords

Luckily for you, there are keywords that even a professional keyword tools cannot find. And those keywords actually have low competition.

Since very few people know how to find them, their competitiveness will not increase. And you have a very high chance your content will show up on search results pages and drive traffic to your website.

If you want to learn how to find these keywords yourself, and finally have a successful business you can run from anywhere using your phone, then check out this SEO book.