Any startup business which doesn’t have web traffic generation as the main objective cannot be called a business. And one of the best, most successful, and at the same time, the most overlooked website traffic sources is the blog.

From personal experience, I know that the blog is the absolute last place startups will look at when thinking about the ways to promote their product or service.

And I know (also from personal experience) that is one of the biggest mistakes a startup business can make.

Why Startup Businesses Overlook The Blog

Simple – because it sounds slow and startups want things that are fast.

They will email and “hustle” to try to be featured on the front page of national newspapers thinking that will solve all their problems.

They will do anything and everything to find quick fix, try all the short-sighted strategies that exist, everything they can instead of building a sustainable traffic source.

This way, they will spend months (sometimes even years) to find some quick solution. But by that point, time they could have built their blog many times over.

Truth is, the blog is fastest and cheapest promotion method available for startups today. It is cheapest in terms of money and time it takes to maintain this traffic source.

First Thing Startup Business Should Build

This will sound strange, but the first thing a startup business should build is a blog. Once that is built and it brings a decent amount of traffic to your website, now you proved you know your customers enough to get them to read your content.

Also, now you don’t need any ads or anything. You have a free traffic source which you would have to pay in ads constantly.

Startup Business Blog Benefits

With constant free traffic, a startup now can iterate and test their ideas. Publish different offers and see what their potential customers like.

And this is all before a single product is created.

Only after you confirm what your customers really want, then you go and build a product. Also, this gives you an option to offer pre-orders etc.

Effectively, your customers could finance the development of your product. So it’s a very organic approach to building a business.

Compare that to closing yourself in a room for 6 months and coding (or whatever the way you’re creating the product) only to emerge and struggle to get it in front of people. And on top of that, people who you do reach, don’t even like the product.

Now that is a massive fail for a startup business.

It’s a waste of time, energy, and money. And all that went into something no one even wants.

If you want success follow these steps in order:

  • build a traffic source
  • test different offers
  • get pre-orders
  • make the product

And now that you know the product is wanted, even before you started making it, success is inevitable.

How To Get Blog Traffic For Startup Business

Writing whatever content you want will not work.

Writing content you think users want to read will not work.

It cannot be random. You need to use the keywords your potential customers are going to type into a search box (SEO).


There’s a problem.

If you use the same keywords as everybody else, you will compete with everybody else. And there are only 10 spots available on the first page of search results.

This makes your chances of success very slim to none.

Low Competition Keywords

If you try to position your blog for keywords that very few people use then your chances of success are very high.

So how do you find these keywords?

One way is to use keyword tools that sometimes cost up to $400 per month.


The problem is bunch of people are using those same tools. And they’re looking at those same “low” competition keywords.

And what happens then?

They all rush into these keywords, making them highly competitive in the process. So that will not work that good either.

Truly Low Competition

There are some keywords, however, that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. Which means very few other people can find them as well.

And this gives you an opportunity to easily rank for them on search results pages. And if you’re reading this, it means you most likely found this article on search results page. So this method definitely works.

If you want it to work for you as well, then reading and discover the world of secret SEO keywords.